Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas from the Curling Club

A thank you from Harvard for this picture of a new picture from the Spitzer Telescope, the picture is call the Christmas Cluster. Just for you this Christmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Compliment of the Season from your Membership Crew


As 2005 draws to a close I would like to send a warm and heartfelt thank you to all
our curling members, and to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and best
wishes for the New Year.
Withoutthe help and support of our individual members we would not
have a curling club, and it is greatly appreciated.
The last few years have been challenging for the club, yet with your support
we have come through them stronger and a much better curling club.
This past year alone, we significantly increased our membership. 
Many of these efforts were focused primarily in the developing of our
programs at all levels, primary by Peter Assaff and Mike Kierstead and
the help of Rita McGrath in the Little Rock program as well as
Bud Hanley in the afternoon Seniors program.
We must not forget Emile Babineau for the U.C.T. Sunday curling,
and we look forward in developing such programs as Juniors and
Adult curling in the coming year.
Let us not forget the volunteers for their help given to Alvin Lavigne
our Special Ice Maker, without whom we wouldn’t have the pleasure of the
sport of curling.
Lastly, to the bar volunteers Thank You!
Volunteering has a significant positive difference in the growth and
development of the Curling club and hence in the quality of people's
lives in Bathurst.
With your support, we look forward to doing much more in the years to come.

Your Volunteer Membership Committee,

We welcome all to step up and volunteer for the good of the club.

Thursday Night Curling Results for Dec 22/05

Napa Pro over Duners
Bulk Handling and City of Bathurst Tied
Lounsbury Hot Chevys over Rolling Stones
Alcide's Team voer Brunswick Ground Control
Ken's Team over Legion Warriors
Good Curling everyone and Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

Tuesday Night Curling Results for Dec 20/05

Brunswick Mines over Jim Duncan
Wells Chapman over Lounsbury Avalanche
Northern Light over GE
Good Curling All and thanks again for the gifts
and the food.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday Afternoon Curling Results for Dec 20/05

Emery LeBlanc over Jim Duncan
Jim Aubry and Ken Leaman Tied
Gerald Roy over Biff Homiak
Bud Hanley over Pat Maher
Guy Gallant over George Barclay
Good Curling All!
Don't forget next curling event is on
Thursday December 22 for this week

Monday Night Curling Results for Dec 19/05

Chettiar over Bishop
Godin over Saulnier
Imbeault over Roy
Lavigne over Ferguson
MacDonald and Elhatton no results.

Monday, December 19, 2005

U.C.T. Curling Results for Dec 18/05

Val Saulnier over Emery LeBlanc
Albert Mazerolle over Roe Doucet
John Gorman over Raj Chettiar
John Ferguson over Alvin Lavigne
Good Curling all, and thank you for
supporting the Curling club!
Merry Christmas all!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Boxing Day Family Fun Spiel Open

Where:- The Bathurst Curling Club.
When:- December 26, 2005.
Time:- 11:00AM to 4 PM.
Who:- All citizens of Bathurst and area;
each team must have at least
three (3) family members, such as cousins,
uncles, aunts, inlaws, partners etc., etc.
Cost:-$5.00. Yes, only five dollars per team.
Notes:- Each team plays 2------4 end games.
Contact:- Curling Club at 546-5665 and ask for Emile.
See you on the ice!

Thursday Night Curling Results for Dec 15, 2005

Smelter Dragons over Rolling Stones
The Duners over Alcide's Team
City of Bathurst over Ken's Team
Legion Warriors over Napa Pro
Brunswick Mine Ground Control over Lounsbury Hot Chevys
Great curling everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tuesday Night Curling Results for Dec 13/05

GE over Lounsbury Avalanche
Jim Duncan over Wells Chapman
Brunswick Mines over Northern Light
Good Curling All!
Two new teams will be on Tuesday Shortly,
check this site for who it will be!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Monday Night Curling Results for Dec 12/05

Chettiar over Godin
Maher over Elhatton
Roy over Lavigne
Ferguson over Saulnier
Scores unknown for
Imbeault and Bishop
Good game all!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

U.C.T. Curling results for Dec 11, 2005

John Ferguson over Val Saulnier
Alvin Lavigne over Emery LeBlanc
John Gorman over Roe Doucet
Albert Mazerolle over Raj Chattiar.
Good curling all!

The True Reality Show

Tired all the time. Hate what you see on TV.
Well, wake up buckaroo, get a life of Curling.
Exictement and entertainment will get your
sences a-boping and a-grooving and the next
thing you know summer is around the corner.
That's when you'll be fit mentally and physically
for the beach.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Thursday Night Curling Results for Dec 8 2005

By default Legion Warriors over The Rolling Stones (no show).
All other teams game stopped at 19:48 due to an electrical
system fault originated at the NB Power subStation;
power was out cancelling the completion of the games.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Curling a surprise hit for Olympic Tickets

As reported by The Toronto Star
Curling a surprise hit with Olympic ticket buyers

95 per cent are already sold out Rogge confident

Dec. 3, 2005. 01:00 AM

DUBLIN—Speed skating is sold out at the Turin Olympics, while curling could be the hit of the Games with an unexpected demand for tickets.

The Turin Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (TOROC) gave a percentage breakdown of tickets yesterday at the general assembly of the European Olympic Committees meetings in the Irish capital.

Speed skating is the only sport to be sold out for games, which run Feb. 10-26. Curling is nearly 95 per cent sold out. Luge and skeleton are the two least-popular sports, both with 79 per cent of their tickets yet to sell.

As of September, 75 per cent of all tickets sold have been to non-Italians.

Luciano Barra, the chief operating officer of TOROC, said the unsold tickets were mainly in the preliminary rounds, with finals in nearly all sports sold out.

Barra said the Dutch had fuelled the speed skating sellout by buying 38,000 tickets.

Short track speed skating has 17.3 per cent of tickets left.

However, Barra was surprised at the popularity of curling, which has 16 days of competition in a 3,000-seat arena.

"This is in the village, and many are coming from Switzerland and Britain," Barra said.

Figure skating is the other most-popular sport, with only 3.3 per cent of tickets left.

Surprisingly, ceremonies haven't sold well, with 43.3 per cent of tickets to the opening ceremony and 54.5 per cent of tickets to the closing ceremony still available.

Nordic combined had 63 per cent of tickets left, alpine skiing had 31 per cent left and hockey had 44.7 per cent.

TOROC is targeting 82 percent of all tickets to be sold. So far, TOROC has sold 540,000 of the 1 million tickets available.

"Italians traditionally don't buy tickets two months before,'' Barra said.

ROGGE TALKS DOPE: IOC president Jacques Rogge says he's confident a solution can be worked out with the Italian government on how to punish doping at the Turin Olympics.

Rogge met with Italian government representative Mario Pescante in private at the general assembly of the European Olympic Committees (EOC).

"I can tell you that we will find a solution for the doping issue in the full respect of the Italian law by finding what I call intelligent solutions," Rogge said.

Italian law includes criminal sanctions for doping violations, while the IOC only calls for disqualification for any doping offence with no legal penalties.

Pescante, president of the EOC, wants the law suspended during the Turin Games from Feb. 10-26.


Monday Night Curling Results for Dec 5/05

Elhatton over Lavigne
Roy over Saulnier
Ferguson over Imbeault
Bishop over Maher
MacDonald over Godin
Good game all!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sunday's U.C.T. Curling Results

Raj Chettiar over Val Saulnier
John Gorman over John Ferguson
Roe Doucet over Emery LeBlanc
Alvin Lavigne over Albert Mazerolle
Good game all!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday night curling results for Dec. 1/05


City of Bathurst over BM&S Ground Control

The Duners over The Smelter Dragons

Legion Warriors over The Rolling Stones

Napa Pro over Lounsbury Hot Chevys

Ghost 1 over Ghost 2

Good game all!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday Night Curling Results for Nov 29/05

Avalanche over Northern Light
Glendenning over Chapman
Incredibles over Duncan
And a good time was had by all, why not you?

Tuesday afternoon curling results Nov 29/05

Bud Hanley over Ken Leaman
Jim Duncan over Biff Homiak
Emery LeBlanc and George Barclay Tied
Pat Maher over Guy Gallant
Gerry Roy over Gisele Shaw

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday night curling results November 28/05

Great curling; drop in and see the game some say it's better than T.V.
Roy over Mahar
Ferguson over Chettiar
MacDonald over Bishop
Godin over Lavigne
Elhatton over Saulnier

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thursday Night Curling Results for Nov 24/05

Brunswick Mining Ground Control over Bulk Handling
The Duners over Lounsbury Hot Chevys
Legion Warriors over Napa Pro
Roger deSilva over Tower

No the above picture is not from Thursday night Curling but a photo from The 3rd Annual Junior Spiel held at the club. Check this site for more pictures on Sunday.