Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ford Hot Shots Compitition happening

Yes, our president, Emile Babineau, announced that during St. Patrick's day celebration Bonspiel at the Curling Club, that is on March16 and 17 of March we will be competing for prizes etc. etc., in the Ford Hot Shots competitions locally sponcered by Hatheway Ford Inc. All participants of St.Patrick's weekend will automatically be entered and if you don't plan to participate in the Speil sign up a.s.a.p. for your chance to show your skills, all citizens of Bathurst and area are welcomed to participate, see below for more details.
  • Professional Ford Hot Shots competitions are held annually at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the Tim Hortons Brier
  • Participating curlers from your Club will have the opportunity to make shots of various skill level – each shot is guaranteed points that will go towards their total score
The curler with the highest points at the end of your Ford Hot Shots Competition will receive an exclusive prize pack plus entry into a draw for a 2-year lease of a 2007 Ford Edge! Odds of winning are 1 in 200!*

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

St Patty's Weekend Bonspiel March 16 & 17

Don't forget to sign up for the last great Bonspiel of the season, your Bonspiel committee is promising loads of fun and green activities especially the bathing suit variety and, of course the drinks will be green.
Sign up now and let the fun begin on the 16 and 17.

Curling Results for Tuesday February 27, 2007

Monday Night Curling Results for Feb 26 2007

Keen Ice for Feb 27 2007

We thank The Northern Light for the article and of course Emile for filling in for Jim.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tuesday Night Curling Results for Feb 20 2007

Curling Results for Monday Feb 19 2007

Updated Feb 23 2007

Keen Ice Report for Feb 20 2007

On Saturday February 10th the club played host to the area’s newest employer, Blue Note Caribou Mines. The crowd was an eclectic mix of well-known faces and new employees. Two four-end games were played with prizes dispensed for all participants. The afternoon was highly social and ended - well, more or less – with a spaghetti supper put on by Pat Maher and her committee. Bathurst Curling Club is glad to welcome, and in some cases, welcome back, the Blue Note employees and to assure them that the club stands ready to provide facilities for any functions they may care to hold, summer or winter, for training courses, meetings or celebrations. The day was excellently organised by Brenda Gallagher and her committee.

In UCT play on February 11th, Van Saulnier defeated Emery LeBlanc, Albert Mazerolle defeated Andy Savoie, Alvin Lavigne defeated Raj Chettiar and Joel Roy defeated John Ferguson. This leaves the standings at John Ferguson in the lead at 9 and 3, Raj Chettiar and Val Saulnier tied at 8 & 4, Alvin Lavigne at 7 & 5, Joel Roy at 5&7, Emery LeBlanc at 4 & 8, Andy Savoie at 3 & 8 and Albert Mazerolle at 3 & 9. The play offs are looming, guys, so you had better bear down!

Also on February 11th the Little Rocks visited Dalhousie for an invitational bonspiel. In all we sent three teams who all did well, two being runners-up in section ‘A’ and one winning section ‘B’. All participants returned with medals. In the ’11 and under’ category the successful teams were that listed as Connor Good, but skipped by Jason Theriault. Besides Connor and Jason the team included Donovan Roy-Lantaigne and Kayla Young-Daigle. The other under 11 team included Nicholas Theriault, Allison Assaf, Kaylee Gauthier and Lacey Sullivan. The ‘under 8’ team consisted of Andrew Theriault, Shayne Sprague, Katy Carrington and a fourth player whose identity escapes me at the moment. Having these teams in play did not prevent the regular Little Rock from going ahead at the club with Mike Kierstead and Rita McGrath organising the day. The youngsters will also be participating in the Provincial Jamboree March 9 and 10.

Monday February 12th saw Omer Fontaine – our team – defeat Terry Giberson, Pat Maher use her last rock to get by Joel Roy, Fred Elhatton beat David Godin, John Ferguson outscored Bob Nicolle, Dale Glendenning downed Paul Laframboise, Andy Savoie overcame Emile Babineau and Marc Imbeault won against Alvin Lavigne.

On Tuesday, February 13th, the afternoon seniors celebrated Valentine’s Day with finger foods and snacks following play. Contact has also been made with the Miramichi seniors about another round of home and home games.

This is my final column for a bit, others will take over for the balance of the season. The next news, from me, will likely end with ‘see you on the tee!’ Thanks for your support and remember to finish the season in style and recruit somebody to bring with you next season when 2008 will see the club will enter its ninety-ninth year!


2007 Valentine Day photos from the Curling Club

Anything for Cake;-) and fun!

More Valentine Dad Curling Photos 2007

More Valentine Day photos

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Keen Ice for February 13, 2007

As February approaches, keep in mind the significance, to the club, of St Valentine’s Day (February 14th). From the club history: “St. Valentine’s day 1940 was a watershed in the club – and not a happy one! “(Curling Club Destroyed by Fire at 6.30 a.m.)” “The President announced our unfortunate loss and stated that he had telegraphed to C. Allan Beatteay, Sec’y of the N.B. Branch of the R.C.C.C. as follows: ‘Curling Rink destroyed by fire last night. Have salvaged stand of Ganong Trophy and mug of Blair Trophy, will forward same to you by express for evidence. Any other information please advise’ A reply as follows was received: ‘Very sorry indeed learn loss Curling Rink and Trophies. Hope building well insured. Trophies covered. C.A. Beatteay, Secretary’ If the wording appears stilted, it must be remembered that these were ‘Telegrams’ sent by Morse code and paid for by the word. Extra words meant extra money and even a period was the word ‘stop.

The work was duly carried out and a new club was erected by November of 1940 for a total cost of $3,843.82; try that today! Makes you thankful we are smoke-free, doesn’t it?

UCT results for the past two weeks show that Raj Chettiar defeated Andy Savoie then Emery LeBlanc, Joel Roy beat Emery LeBlanc then was beaten by Andy Savoie, Alvin Lavigne beat Albert Mazerolle then Val Saulnier while John Ferguson beat Val Saulnier before falling to Albert Mazerolle.

On Monday February 5th Andy Savoie beat Terry Giberson, Joel Roy beat Paul Laframboise, Marc Imbeault beat Pat Maher, Fred Elhatton beat Bob Nicolle, John Ferguson beat Omer Fontaine, David Godin beat Dale Glendenning and Alvin Lavigne beat Emile Babineau. Tuesday February 6th saw Terry Wilbur get by Andy Savoie, C. Boucher outscored Amy Anderson, Comeau prevailed over Wells Chapman, Marc Brown downed LeBlanc and Dale Glendenning outscored Raj Chettiar. On Thursday February 8th ……

The club played host to the Blue Note Caribou Mine teams on Saturday February 10th. Organized and hosted by our own Membership Chairperson Brenda Gallagher.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thursday Night Curling results for February 8 2007

As you know by now next Thursday night curling is cancelled for the Special Olympics, please support our Special Olympians and attend as many sporting events as possible.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Keen Ice by Jim Duncan for Feb 6 2007

Wednesday January 31st saw the Miramichi pay a return visit to the Bathurst club. A lunch was laid on with chowder and soup plus sandwiches, desserts and sweets all provided by the Bathurst seniors led by the formidable duo of Pat Maher and Bud Hanley. Five sheets were in play with a switch taking place after four ends. The results were, as ever, irrelevant. The main thing was that a good time was had by all. There have been early discussions about trying to plan a mini Seniors bonspiel, which would involve other North Shore clubs with afternoon seniors, but the planning is in the very early stages. It is great to have the contact with our sister club established and I know that another round of play is in the offing. As I said before, the afternoon seniors are the most dynamic group in the club right now and the programme is working really well for us, the clubs and the sport on the North Shore. Rock On Hanley’s Horde! (Photos below)

Sorry, UCT, but I don’t have the results from January 28th: I was recovering from too much fun at the Curl for Cancer held on the 27th! I understand that this event was hugely successful from the charity’s financial point of view, I can attest to the high quality of the music over the day and there certainly was a very lively group around the club. This kind of success always requires hard work by the committee; our congratulations to them for the effort and for the success it generated.It certainly kept our vol.unteer bar staff hopping and rapidly depleted our beer inventory. That gave us a decent financial take as well.

On Monday January 29th Emile Babineau won to go 4 & 4, Omer Fontaine won to go 2 & 6,Joel Roy maintained an unbroken run at 7 & 0, John Ferguson hung in at 4 & 4 while Dale Glendenning improved to 5 & 2 and Alvin Lavigne upped his tally to 5 & 3. Also at 5 & 3 is Bob Nicolle, a record matched by Fred Elhatton. David Godin sits at 6 & 1 while Andy Savoie slipped to 4 & 4 ahead of Pat Maher’s 4 & 3. Rounding out the league are Marc Imbeault at 2 & 6, Terry Giberson at 1 & 7 and Paul Laframboise at 0 & 8. On Tuesday I have results for three matches: Amy Anderson improved to 7 & 3 with a win over Wells Chapman who went to 4 & 6. Marc Brown, also at 7 & 3, beat the Boucher team who go to 4 & 5. Finally, Dale Glendenning increased to 5 & 2 by beating Terry Wibur who is at 3 & 4. There are teams who didn’t play, but Amy and Marc hold the lead.

Tuesday results below:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Team Le Titan visits and curl at the Bathurst Curling Club

So very nice to know that Le Titan team visited the Curling club for fun and relaxation. The one with the crossed arms is our own Junior Curler Brenden Sealy who was showing the guys how to curl and of course how to have fun.