Thursday, February 08, 2007

Keen Ice by Jim Duncan for Feb 6 2007

Wednesday January 31st saw the Miramichi pay a return visit to the Bathurst club. A lunch was laid on with chowder and soup plus sandwiches, desserts and sweets all provided by the Bathurst seniors led by the formidable duo of Pat Maher and Bud Hanley. Five sheets were in play with a switch taking place after four ends. The results were, as ever, irrelevant. The main thing was that a good time was had by all. There have been early discussions about trying to plan a mini Seniors bonspiel, which would involve other North Shore clubs with afternoon seniors, but the planning is in the very early stages. It is great to have the contact with our sister club established and I know that another round of play is in the offing. As I said before, the afternoon seniors are the most dynamic group in the club right now and the programme is working really well for us, the clubs and the sport on the North Shore. Rock On Hanley’s Horde! (Photos below)

Sorry, UCT, but I don’t have the results from January 28th: I was recovering from too much fun at the Curl for Cancer held on the 27th! I understand that this event was hugely successful from the charity’s financial point of view, I can attest to the high quality of the music over the day and there certainly was a very lively group around the club. This kind of success always requires hard work by the committee; our congratulations to them for the effort and for the success it generated.It certainly kept our vol.unteer bar staff hopping and rapidly depleted our beer inventory. That gave us a decent financial take as well.

On Monday January 29th Emile Babineau won to go 4 & 4, Omer Fontaine won to go 2 & 6,Joel Roy maintained an unbroken run at 7 & 0, John Ferguson hung in at 4 & 4 while Dale Glendenning improved to 5 & 2 and Alvin Lavigne upped his tally to 5 & 3. Also at 5 & 3 is Bob Nicolle, a record matched by Fred Elhatton. David Godin sits at 6 & 1 while Andy Savoie slipped to 4 & 4 ahead of Pat Maher’s 4 & 3. Rounding out the league are Marc Imbeault at 2 & 6, Terry Giberson at 1 & 7 and Paul Laframboise at 0 & 8. On Tuesday I have results for three matches: Amy Anderson improved to 7 & 3 with a win over Wells Chapman who went to 4 & 6. Marc Brown, also at 7 & 3, beat the Boucher team who go to 4 & 5. Finally, Dale Glendenning increased to 5 & 2 by beating Terry Wibur who is at 3 & 4. There are teams who didn’t play, but Amy and Marc hold the lead.

Tuesday results below:

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