Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Rock Coach plus more photos.

Our coach is Peter Assaff and his right hand persons are Rita McGrath, Ed Theriault, and many of the parents. Thanks to all for making this event popular and thank you for Volunteering. All coaching and staff are Volunteers and let us know if you wish to volunteer; your help is always appreciated.

Little rock takes to the ice

It's Sunday and it's 2 p.m. and the little rocks are now in training and play. Little rocks are of an age of 7 to 11, if your children are not now in sports; then curling could be an alternative for them.
As the photo suggests many were registering last week and are now on ice.
You have another week to register your child; after November 30 no registration will be accepted.

UCT Curling results for November 26, 2006

Here are your results,
Team Emery LeBlanc over Albert Mazerolle
Team John Ferguson defeated Alvin Lavigne
Team Andy Savoie defeated Val Saulnier
Team Raj Chettiar defeated Roe Doucet (Babineau)
Good game all!

Curling New from Jim Duncan as it apprears in the Northern Light

We thank Jim Duncan for his views and news:

This isn’t the place for a Rick Mercer Rant or a Rex Murphy Diatribe, but the decision to do away with the juniors’ zone play has really got under my skin! My daughter won the Zone here, at 12, and went off to crash and burn in the provincials. It is still a treasured memory to her. I partied around Zone and Preliminary play and it is one of my treasured memories: We never won the Provincial either. Without zones you can expect that all teams in the provincials will be from Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton, with no treasured memories in the ‘provinces.’ In my opinion the CCA has ruined the adult game for clubs, pandering to television, and is in the process of ruining the juniors by taking the fun out of the game. The first victims will be the smaller clubs, but what they are doing is suicide by slow poison: They are killing future teams. The final affect will be a simple lack of players and clubs. Already curling is a sport with more TV followers than participants. What is my solution? Consider golf, why is it not the same? Why are golf clubs burgeoning while curling dies? The P.G.A.! The Professional Golfing Association: If you want to play for big bucks, qualify for a ticket and get on the circuit. You don’t go to the Gowan Brae Open and play Mike Weir. If you are trying to get out of this province, in curling, you will play Russ Howard. We need a P.C.A.: A Professional Curling Association. We could employ the CCA or the NBCA (to whom we tithe $250 per sheet, per year) to run it. They are doing diddly for the small clubs! They have lost the place and the context. They are supposed to be an association of clubs to help clubs. They are running – and ruining – the sport! It is time the clubs took the asylum back from the lunatics. The clubs like ours will only survive if we can bring back the fun!

The Bathurst Junior cash spiel went well, as our opening event, with 7 boys’ and 7 girls’ teams participating. As reported, the Howard Girls’ team and the McIntosh boys’ team walked off with the ($1,000) top prizes but our junior boys were in evidence, participating on other teams. This included one on the McIntosh rink and two on a team taking home Qualifier money. Similarly, a revamped girls’ team gave it a strong try.

On Monday night we have two draws, for the first time in a long time. The results were: Fontaine fell to Roy, Doucet downed Laframboise, Savoie defeated Maher, Elhatton beat Imbeault, Glendenning got by Ferguson, Godin outscored Giberson and Lavigne won over Nicolle.

Tuesday has ten teams, of which eight were in action, and saw Brown defeat Boucher, Chettiar defeat Savoie, Anderson outpoint Chapman and Comeau overtake LeBlanc.

In November 20th UCT play Saulnier downed Mazzerolle, LeBlanc beat Savoie, Lavigne got by Doucet and Ferguson outscored Chettiar.

We have fourteen teams in two draws on Monday, ten teams on Tuesday and, I believe, eleven teams on Thursday along with the afternoon seniors, who are approaching ten teams, not to mention the Little Rock renaissance and that there is the Wednesday Night Ladies to come and the monthly funspiels. The club is, possibly, staging a membership comeback! Numbers will tell, Brenda and Claude are working on it.

This doesn’t mean that we lack room for more players, the fun is piling on, if you are interested, come on down and join in the fun. It is economical and open to all ages. See you on the ice.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fun Spiel December 15 and 16

HoHoHo everyone,
Please reserve December 15 and 16 for a great weekend of fun activities at the curling club, both Friday and Saturday's events will be a blast. Follow this blog for more details on this fun spiel. Register early!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sunday UCT Curling Results

Well hello UCT curlers,
Here is the results for your Sunday Curling on November 12, 2006.
Saulnier defeated Mazerolle
LeBlanc defeated Savoie
Lavigne defeated Doucet (Babineau)
Ferguson defeated Chettiar

Good game.

Information for Monday night curlers

Hi everyone,
This season we've decided to post all the teams schedule. You will see at the end of each weeks the results of play at the end of event on your schedule by the following letters W & L for.... you guessed it Win or Loss.
If you don't see your schedule click on November 2006 ARCHIVES on the right.
Also you will see on the right a list of links to your morning news, weather, sports (TSN & RDS) etc., in both official languages. Make this your home page; it's your link to the world.
Hope you enjoy our blog:-)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Team Andy Savoie Schedule 2006-2007

Good Curling everyone.

20 November Ice 2A 6:30 p.m.vs. Maher, P. W

27 November Ice 2B 8:30 p.m. vs. Nicolle, B.

4 December Ice 4A 6:30 p.m. vs. LaFrambaise, P.

11 December Ice 1A 6:30 p.m. vs. Godin, D.

18 December Ice 4B 8:30 p.m. vs. Roy, J.

8 January Ice 3B 6:30 p.m. vs. Elhatton, F.

15 January Ice 3A 8:30 p.m. vs. Glendenning, D.

22 January Ice 4B 6:30 p.m. vs. Imbeault, M.

29 January Ice 3B 8:30 p.m. vs. Ferguson, J.

5 February Ice 1A 6:30 p.m. vs. Giberson, T.

12 February Ice 2A 6:30 p.m. vs. Babineau, E.

19 February Ice 4A 6;30 p.m. vs. Lavigne, A.

26 February Ice 2B 8:30 p.m. vs. Fontaine. O.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

The Boys Draw saw MacIntosh defeat Stefani in eleven ends, a nail biter. Congratulation to both teams for a fine game.

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

The Girls Draw saw the undefeated team Howard take the victory over team Simpson, this was the game to watch, both teams played as professional; a joy to watch. Congratulations to both team, we are proud of you.

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

Sunday 9 a.m. draw just finished at 12:10 p.m. Girls Draw saw Simpson defeat Dickinson, so this afternoon at 2 p.m. it will be Simpson and Howard. Team Howard undefeated going into the game.
In the Boys Draw saw Stefani defeat Lahiton in a game that lasted over 3 hours to win. Stefani will go against MacIntosh. The last time these two teams did meet the MacIntosh team won, will the same be repeated this afternoon? Drop in at the club this afternoon (Sunday) at 2 p.m. for a great girls and boys finals.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

More action photos from the Bathurst Curling Club.

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

Lots of action at the Bathurst Curling Club. Girls Draw: Howard over Dickinson, Simpson over Deluca, Dickinson over Ronalds. Sunday Howard has a bye to the finals and will take on the victorious team between Simpson and Dickinson.
The Boys Draw: MacIntosh over Stefani, Lahiton over Greene, and Stefani over Shields. MacIntosh has a bye to the final game which will take on the winning team between Lahiton and Stefani.
More team pictures and action at the club.

Friday, November 17, 2006

More action from the 4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

Yes, Coaching is demanding job, but someone has to do it! Catch it; it's curling at it's best.

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

Today's Girls Draw results:
4 p.m. Draw
Howard over Ronalds
Simpson over Daigle
Dickinson over Deluca
8:30 p.m. Draw
Howard over Simpson
Dickinson over Carruthers

4th Annual Bathurst Junior Cashspiel

Take in the action this weekend visit the club all weekend, support our future Olympians. Today Results boys draw:
4 p.m. Draw
Stefini over Sheilds
Callbeck over Trites
Lahiton over Green
8:30 p.m. Draw
MacIntosh over Lahiton
Stefini over Callbeck.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Curling girls doff duds to keep rocks on ice

Calendar/fundraiser: 'It's very tame. It doesn't reveal too much'

Allen Cameron, CanWest News Service
Published: Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CALGARY - Christine Keshen knew she would get some exposure as a result of winning an Olympic curling bronze medal last February.

But the 28-year-old lead for Shannon Kleibrink's Calgary team has taken that exposure to another level by posing for the second edition of the Fire on Ice curling calendar.

She joins 16 other curler/models wearing practically nothing on the pages of the calendar, which sold out around the world a year ago.

"I've done lots of photo shoots with the team, and it's no different. Except there's a few less pieces of clothing," Keshen said, with a laugh. "It's very tame. It doesn't reveal too much and it leaves a lot to the imagination. I'm quite happy with the pose."

The 2007 edition goes on sale today in Canada for $29.95, plus $8 shipping and handling.

Copies are available at

Keshen is one of three Canadians to make the final cut. Ontario curlers Chrissy Cadorin and Leigh Armstrong also are featured, along with former world champions Debbie McCormick of the U.S. and Jackie Lockhart of Scotland and former world junior champ Linn Githmark of Norway.

The calendar was the brainchild of professional photographer Ana Arce, who is based in Andorra. Arce is also an avid curler -- her team just won the Spanish championship and will curl at the European championships next month -- and she was looking for a way to raise funds for her team.

"It started as a little thing; I was thinking, 'I'm a curler, I'm a photographer. Can we make some money?' " said Arce. "I thought we would sell 500 or something like that, and we never thought about selling in Canada. It was a total surprise -- I couldn't believe what happened."

What happened was that all 4,000 copies were sold, with stories of the calendar appearing around the world, including in the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Arce, whose self-portrait graces the cover, had no problem finding high-profile curlers to doff their duds for the second calendar.

"Some of the girls chose to show a little bit more than others, but it's in good taste," she said. "There's a fine line between being erotic and interesting but at the same time being in good taste. I think the girls were all happy with the pictures, and that's the most important thing to me."

Keshen admitted her boyfriend was reluctant to share "his girl with the rest of the world," but her parents were supportive. "My mom was funny. She says to me, 'You know, Chris, if you were my age and you looked back and you didn't do it, you'd regret it. If I looked like you, I would do it.'

Arce said she has plenty of volunteers in the wings to pose for a male version of the calendar. She would even find a place for Randy Ferbey.

"I think," she said with a chuckle, "I could do wonders for him."

© National Post 2006

Yup! The Ice is ready

The pictures tells all! Click on the photos to enlarge and then click again to enlarge once more.

Jim's article as it appears in the Northern Light:
Only one week to get in shape! Welcome to Wobble Week! This is the time to get down to the club and get your balance and your draw weight in shape. C’mon down!

When you are first at the club, take a look at the ice: The five sheets you will be playing on are formed by about twenty layers of ice and three coats of white paint laid down by Alvin with help from Ken Leaman, myself and the indefatigable Emery LeBlanc. The circles and lines were the result of a hard worked, well organised half day by Dale Glendenning, Guy Gallant, Brendan Sealey, Jesse Arseneault, myself, Alvin and Emery. The rink doesn’t just happen; it takes skill, planning, work, electricity and money. The club owes a vote of thanks to the whole crew for a job well done. While you are at it, note the club crests on the hacks – Alvin’s idea, which only worked after Emery suggested varnishing them. Note, also, the waxed floors and other evidence of the pre-season work put in by our president Emile Babineau, throughout the club.

Competitive curling starts next Monday while the fun leagues regular play starts with next Tuesday and Thursday nights. For the retirees and returning veterans, ‘Hanley’s Horde’ will take to the ice Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 2 p.m., this week, for practice and next week for play. By the way, the afternoon curling dues are $57, not $57.50 as I said (Sorry).

Come down and sign up that team, or sign up as a willing participant or spare. The club is what you make it: Remember that. We are expecting great things of this season, so those of you who have yet to join should get to the club after 6:30 any evening this week and get signed up as well as exercised. We need to know the players and teams to make the draws!

During Wobble Week, and on Wednesdays, we will be offering to try to help new curlers with the basic skills needed to enjoy the game. All ages and skill levels are welcome and if you want to try curling to see if you like it, Wednesday is the day to find out if it is your kind of game. Come around 7 p.m.

You can pay dues at the bar or at the Registration desk, which will be operating each evening this week. Our expectation is that there will be more members, more teams, more competition and more fun than ever this season. Ladies are requested to express their interest in the Wednesday evening initiative by contacting Beth Sullivan directly. Seniors and retirees are directed to Mr Hanley, or to the registration desk/bar to sign up. The ultimate authority on all matters concerning membership is Brenda Gallagher.

Little Rock curling will be back and enquiries should be directed to Peter Assaff Be sure to talk to him regarding the requirement for helmets this year to keep the little ones just a wee bit safer. Little Rock curling will begin this Sunday, following the Junior Cash Spiel finals: be there for 2 p.m.

Rental enquiries should be directed to Mike Kierstead who will be happy to arrange your Christmas or New Year celebrations, family event, training sessions, birthday parties or other functions at our remarkably low rates.

Finally, the first Funspiel will be held on Saturday November 25th. There is a sign-up sheet posted and you will need to see Omer Lafontaine for details. I am sure he can also use suggestions and help from anyone interested. Omer is planning one funspiel per month, so get a gang together and prepare to have the best (can’t stand the word ‘Funnest’ – not sure it is even a word!) season of all.

See you on the ice.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The news about the club by Jim Duncan

Jim's article as it appears in the Northern Light. We thank you both!

Next week is Wobble Week!!! First you must finally get organised and join the club! Second, you really should do a little bit of stretching of those old curling muscles – if you don’t, you will be sorry! Third, lay aside some time to come to the club after 6:30, between the 13th and the 15th: This is to meet and greet, practice, and plan your weekly curling schedule – and wobble! You will be able to have short practice sessions, possibly help out by helping a new curler, or by holding the broom for someone, and spend some time socialising with the curling chums you have seen so little of over the summer.

UCT members are reminded that their curling begins this Sunday. This is the most regular and most appreciated rental the club has and you are all welcome to resume regular play as soon as possible. Contact Emile for details.

The season proper begins November 20th with Competitive League curling; Tuesday has afternoon seniors and evening Industrial fun league play. Wednesday will try a new approach for ladies with six-end games, between 5 and 6:30, and a catered supper at a cost of $10 for members and $15 for non-members – contact Beth Sullivan. Thursday evening is the original industrial fun league night and the afternoon seniors have their second session Friday afternoon. Omer Lafontaine will organise monthly weekend funspiels, open to all; watch for his first event, planned for November 25th, and sign up. Beginners are very welcome during Wobble Week and will get some instruction.

If you have kids, you should consider getting them signed up for their season. As decided last year, helmets are mandatory for Little Rocks. You can take the opportunity to find out when the curling sessions are, and at what time. As a parent, you should consider joining as a fun curler just to have a better idea what the kids are learning. We can almost guarantee that you will find the game as much fun as the kids do.

The weekend after Wobble Week is the annual Bathurst Junior Cash Spiel. This regularly draws teams from each of the Atlantic Provinces and you are invited to come down to the club and see the cream of the youngsters who are in the game this year.

It is also time for businesses and organisations to consider booking the club facilities for Christmas and/or New Year parties, for individuals with celebrations or events to book space, and for organisations holding courses, or functions, to check our economical rentals rates. We can accommodate self-catering or outside catering.

The club also raises funds by placing advertisements on the walls of the ice shed: We have a pretty comprehensive list of companies that we approach, each year, but if we have failed to contact you, we would be more than glad to hear from you and to include your company name on the wall. Contact any executive member, or leave word at the club or at the bar. Each sign is two feet by three feet and made to your specification.

Our group of afternoon players has grown significantly over the past two years and the twice-weekly afternoon sessions are truly fun events. Teams are formed for balance and amusement, ahead of competition, but if you are free in the afternoon why not contact Bud Hanley, or the club, and join in the ‘forever young’ group on Tuesday and Friday afternoons? We would love to have you and the cost is minimal at $57.50.

Our fun curling leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays can also accommodate teams who want to play as a unit. Put together a team of friends or workmates and sign up for a weekly stint of curling against other fun minded teams. Come and throw rocks at houses!

If you would like to curl without feeling ready to commit to regular play, you can play for a $5 donation, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until you are sure whether you want to take out a membership. Come join in, during our 96th year on the ice. See you there.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Start shining your shoes

As you can see the ice is being created and is now painted white. The lines are going in on Saturday November 4, 2006. Drop in and watch the process, the finishing touches will be done by mid week. The photos are Volunteers helping our Ice Man. Of course the Ice Man is Alvin Lavigne doing a super job as usual.
See you soon on the Ice.
Don't forget to get a closeup just click on the photos.