Sunday, November 05, 2006

The news about the club by Jim Duncan

Jim's article as it appears in the Northern Light. We thank you both!

Next week is Wobble Week!!! First you must finally get organised and join the club! Second, you really should do a little bit of stretching of those old curling muscles – if you don’t, you will be sorry! Third, lay aside some time to come to the club after 6:30, between the 13th and the 15th: This is to meet and greet, practice, and plan your weekly curling schedule – and wobble! You will be able to have short practice sessions, possibly help out by helping a new curler, or by holding the broom for someone, and spend some time socialising with the curling chums you have seen so little of over the summer.

UCT members are reminded that their curling begins this Sunday. This is the most regular and most appreciated rental the club has and you are all welcome to resume regular play as soon as possible. Contact Emile for details.

The season proper begins November 20th with Competitive League curling; Tuesday has afternoon seniors and evening Industrial fun league play. Wednesday will try a new approach for ladies with six-end games, between 5 and 6:30, and a catered supper at a cost of $10 for members and $15 for non-members – contact Beth Sullivan. Thursday evening is the original industrial fun league night and the afternoon seniors have their second session Friday afternoon. Omer Lafontaine will organise monthly weekend funspiels, open to all; watch for his first event, planned for November 25th, and sign up. Beginners are very welcome during Wobble Week and will get some instruction.

If you have kids, you should consider getting them signed up for their season. As decided last year, helmets are mandatory for Little Rocks. You can take the opportunity to find out when the curling sessions are, and at what time. As a parent, you should consider joining as a fun curler just to have a better idea what the kids are learning. We can almost guarantee that you will find the game as much fun as the kids do.

The weekend after Wobble Week is the annual Bathurst Junior Cash Spiel. This regularly draws teams from each of the Atlantic Provinces and you are invited to come down to the club and see the cream of the youngsters who are in the game this year.

It is also time for businesses and organisations to consider booking the club facilities for Christmas and/or New Year parties, for individuals with celebrations or events to book space, and for organisations holding courses, or functions, to check our economical rentals rates. We can accommodate self-catering or outside catering.

The club also raises funds by placing advertisements on the walls of the ice shed: We have a pretty comprehensive list of companies that we approach, each year, but if we have failed to contact you, we would be more than glad to hear from you and to include your company name on the wall. Contact any executive member, or leave word at the club or at the bar. Each sign is two feet by three feet and made to your specification.

Our group of afternoon players has grown significantly over the past two years and the twice-weekly afternoon sessions are truly fun events. Teams are formed for balance and amusement, ahead of competition, but if you are free in the afternoon why not contact Bud Hanley, or the club, and join in the ‘forever young’ group on Tuesday and Friday afternoons? We would love to have you and the cost is minimal at $57.50.

Our fun curling leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays can also accommodate teams who want to play as a unit. Put together a team of friends or workmates and sign up for a weekly stint of curling against other fun minded teams. Come and throw rocks at houses!

If you would like to curl without feeling ready to commit to regular play, you can play for a $5 donation, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until you are sure whether you want to take out a membership. Come join in, during our 96th year on the ice. See you there.

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