Sunday, November 26, 2006

Curling New from Jim Duncan as it apprears in the Northern Light

We thank Jim Duncan for his views and news:

This isn’t the place for a Rick Mercer Rant or a Rex Murphy Diatribe, but the decision to do away with the juniors’ zone play has really got under my skin! My daughter won the Zone here, at 12, and went off to crash and burn in the provincials. It is still a treasured memory to her. I partied around Zone and Preliminary play and it is one of my treasured memories: We never won the Provincial either. Without zones you can expect that all teams in the provincials will be from Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton, with no treasured memories in the ‘provinces.’ In my opinion the CCA has ruined the adult game for clubs, pandering to television, and is in the process of ruining the juniors by taking the fun out of the game. The first victims will be the smaller clubs, but what they are doing is suicide by slow poison: They are killing future teams. The final affect will be a simple lack of players and clubs. Already curling is a sport with more TV followers than participants. What is my solution? Consider golf, why is it not the same? Why are golf clubs burgeoning while curling dies? The P.G.A.! The Professional Golfing Association: If you want to play for big bucks, qualify for a ticket and get on the circuit. You don’t go to the Gowan Brae Open and play Mike Weir. If you are trying to get out of this province, in curling, you will play Russ Howard. We need a P.C.A.: A Professional Curling Association. We could employ the CCA or the NBCA (to whom we tithe $250 per sheet, per year) to run it. They are doing diddly for the small clubs! They have lost the place and the context. They are supposed to be an association of clubs to help clubs. They are running – and ruining – the sport! It is time the clubs took the asylum back from the lunatics. The clubs like ours will only survive if we can bring back the fun!

The Bathurst Junior cash spiel went well, as our opening event, with 7 boys’ and 7 girls’ teams participating. As reported, the Howard Girls’ team and the McIntosh boys’ team walked off with the ($1,000) top prizes but our junior boys were in evidence, participating on other teams. This included one on the McIntosh rink and two on a team taking home Qualifier money. Similarly, a revamped girls’ team gave it a strong try.

On Monday night we have two draws, for the first time in a long time. The results were: Fontaine fell to Roy, Doucet downed Laframboise, Savoie defeated Maher, Elhatton beat Imbeault, Glendenning got by Ferguson, Godin outscored Giberson and Lavigne won over Nicolle.

Tuesday has ten teams, of which eight were in action, and saw Brown defeat Boucher, Chettiar defeat Savoie, Anderson outpoint Chapman and Comeau overtake LeBlanc.

In November 20th UCT play Saulnier downed Mazzerolle, LeBlanc beat Savoie, Lavigne got by Doucet and Ferguson outscored Chettiar.

We have fourteen teams in two draws on Monday, ten teams on Tuesday and, I believe, eleven teams on Thursday along with the afternoon seniors, who are approaching ten teams, not to mention the Little Rock renaissance and that there is the Wednesday Night Ladies to come and the monthly funspiels. The club is, possibly, staging a membership comeback! Numbers will tell, Brenda and Claude are working on it.

This doesn’t mean that we lack room for more players, the fun is piling on, if you are interested, come on down and join in the fun. It is economical and open to all ages. See you on the ice.

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