Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yup! The Ice is ready

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Jim's article as it appears in the Northern Light:
Only one week to get in shape! Welcome to Wobble Week! This is the time to get down to the club and get your balance and your draw weight in shape. C’mon down!

When you are first at the club, take a look at the ice: The five sheets you will be playing on are formed by about twenty layers of ice and three coats of white paint laid down by Alvin with help from Ken Leaman, myself and the indefatigable Emery LeBlanc. The circles and lines were the result of a hard worked, well organised half day by Dale Glendenning, Guy Gallant, Brendan Sealey, Jesse Arseneault, myself, Alvin and Emery. The rink doesn’t just happen; it takes skill, planning, work, electricity and money. The club owes a vote of thanks to the whole crew for a job well done. While you are at it, note the club crests on the hacks – Alvin’s idea, which only worked after Emery suggested varnishing them. Note, also, the waxed floors and other evidence of the pre-season work put in by our president Emile Babineau, throughout the club.

Competitive curling starts next Monday while the fun leagues regular play starts with next Tuesday and Thursday nights. For the retirees and returning veterans, ‘Hanley’s Horde’ will take to the ice Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 2 p.m., this week, for practice and next week for play. By the way, the afternoon curling dues are $57, not $57.50 as I said (Sorry).

Come down and sign up that team, or sign up as a willing participant or spare. The club is what you make it: Remember that. We are expecting great things of this season, so those of you who have yet to join should get to the club after 6:30 any evening this week and get signed up as well as exercised. We need to know the players and teams to make the draws!

During Wobble Week, and on Wednesdays, we will be offering to try to help new curlers with the basic skills needed to enjoy the game. All ages and skill levels are welcome and if you want to try curling to see if you like it, Wednesday is the day to find out if it is your kind of game. Come around 7 p.m.

You can pay dues at the bar or at the Registration desk, which will be operating each evening this week. Our expectation is that there will be more members, more teams, more competition and more fun than ever this season. Ladies are requested to express their interest in the Wednesday evening initiative by contacting Beth Sullivan directly. Seniors and retirees are directed to Mr Hanley, or to the registration desk/bar to sign up. The ultimate authority on all matters concerning membership is Brenda Gallagher.

Little Rock curling will be back and enquiries should be directed to Peter Assaff Be sure to talk to him regarding the requirement for helmets this year to keep the little ones just a wee bit safer. Little Rock curling will begin this Sunday, following the Junior Cash Spiel finals: be there for 2 p.m.

Rental enquiries should be directed to Mike Kierstead who will be happy to arrange your Christmas or New Year celebrations, family event, training sessions, birthday parties or other functions at our remarkably low rates.

Finally, the first Funspiel will be held on Saturday November 25th. There is a sign-up sheet posted and you will need to see Omer Lafontaine for details. I am sure he can also use suggestions and help from anyone interested. Omer is planning one funspiel per month, so get a gang together and prepare to have the best (can’t stand the word ‘Funnest’ – not sure it is even a word!) season of all.

See you on the ice.

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