Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday Night Curling Results for Nov 29/05

Avalanche over Northern Light
Glendenning over Chapman
Incredibles over Duncan
And a good time was had by all, why not you?

Tuesday afternoon curling results Nov 29/05

Bud Hanley over Ken Leaman
Jim Duncan over Biff Homiak
Emery LeBlanc and George Barclay Tied
Pat Maher over Guy Gallant
Gerry Roy over Gisele Shaw

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday night curling results November 28/05

Great curling; drop in and see the game some say it's better than T.V.
Roy over Mahar
Ferguson over Chettiar
MacDonald over Bishop
Godin over Lavigne
Elhatton over Saulnier

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thursday Night Curling Results for Nov 24/05

Brunswick Mining Ground Control over Bulk Handling
The Duners over Lounsbury Hot Chevys
Legion Warriors over Napa Pro
Roger deSilva over Tower

No the above picture is not from Thursday night Curling but a photo from The 3rd Annual Junior Spiel held at the club. Check this site for more pictures on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday Night Mix Curling Results Nov 23/05

Tonight's results are:
Brendan Sealy over Larry Petrie
BM&S Student Engineers #2 over BM&S Student Engineers #1

If you're interested in placing a team on Wednesday night's mix League; openings will go on until the 7 of January 2006.
Talk to your friends, neighbors and co-workers and invited them out for a night out for sport, fitness and leasure; it's a great way to Woooooosshhhh away the winter.
For more information call the club at 546-5665 and ask for Pat or Claude.

See ya on the ice!

Tuesday Night Curling Results for November 22/05

Bob Quinn over B.M.&S
Lounsbury Avalanche over Jim Duncan
Wells Chapman over Northern Light

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monday Night Curling Results November 21, 2005

Dan MacDonald over John Ferguson
Alvin Lavigne over Tatiana Bishop
David Godin over Pat Maher
Fred Elhatton over Marc Imbeault
Joel Roy over Raj Chettiar

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rogers Television airing "Curling Tips"

The New Brunswick Curling Association is very pleased to have Rogers Television as one of our curling partners. We have worked together to produce a segment of "Curling Tips" that will be aired throughout the curling season, as outlined in the schedule below. The tips were designed to attract beginners/non-curlers to our sport.

Here are the first airdates for each of the curling segments starting next Tuesday.
They are part of the First Local program, which airs several times through the week.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will play at 5pm, 6pm,7pm, and then again at 9pm.
For a full schedule, see our website at www.rogerstelevision.com and select Bathurst English as the location.
These segments are also playing in Fred, SJ, Moncton/Campbellton, and Miramichi areas, on their First local shows.

PS Try this neat curling software game online. http://www.inturnsoftware.com/
It's called Granite, and it is contagious for those of us that can't get to the rink.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Executive Meeting Minutes for November 16/05

Bathurst Curling Club

Executive Meeting

November 16th, 2005.

Present: Jim Duncan, Emile Babineau, Rita McGrath, Mike Kierstead, Bob Quinn, Claude LeBlanc, Peter Assaf,

Absent: Wayne Aubie, Guylaine Cote

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by president, Jim Duncan, at 7 p.m.

Minutes: The minute of the October 5th meeting having been circulated and posted, these were passed as received.

Correspondence: A very supportive letter from the Mayor was read and put in to the record along with a letter of acknowledgement from our federal M.P. There was no response from MLA Brian Kenny.

There is a request to quote from an insurer: The committee directed that it be followed up.

Financial: Guylaine being absent, Jim produced a balance sheet showing $10,896.53 in the current account. There is a power bill for October in the amount of $2,986 to be paid. The committee was reminded of the importance of conserving power through control of the lights and heating.

Bar Report: Bob Quinn reported that approx. $2,000 in liquor and $300 in Sundries was purchased in preparation for the season. The first spiel, this weekend, is unlikely to generate much in sales as it is a junior’s event. The Moosehead Bucket promotion is very slow as yet. There is no need to take an inventory yet.

House and Ice: Emile Babineau reported that there had been a brine leak which threatened the ice plant but it was traced to a faulty hose clip on a bleed line and corrected. The battery powered ice scraper has one of two battery chargers not working. Consultation with Buzzell Auto Parts brought a recommendation that we either replace the dual charger unit for $390 plus tax and shipping or purchase two ‘slow chargers’ for $60. Emile was asked to buy the slow chargers and continue contact with Buzzell.

The kitchen renovation is half done and will be tackled between rentals which require the use of the kitchen. The committee noted that the work was well done.

Emile has instigated a programme of repair and maintenance on the recently purchased chairs.

Bob Quinn was asked to make one table for the lounge. The committee will then decide on whether or not to continue to have the tables made.

The photocopier and spare cooler are to be removed soon, the advertising signs are being installed and Bob and Emile will programme the thermostats next week.

All deficiencies identified in the insurance inspection have been addressed. And the company informed.

Membership: There are 84 paid members including 20 Little Rocks and 10 Juniors. We need to ensure that competitive (Monday) players are paid up and get control of ‘Pay as You Play’ curlers, possibly by listing them. Discussion ensued on full members versus ‘PAYP’ players and the relative advantages of each method of payment: The subject was tabled for further discussion as a number of excellent suggestions were put forward.
We need to forward scores to the radio station. New members and the seniors should receive the ‘Blog’ cards to enable them to get more information.

Match: In Wayne Aubie’s absence, it could only be noted that Monday is running with Bathurst Pontiac Buick/JDR Sports sponsorship, Tuesday has seven, possibly eight teams but no sponsor while Thursday has six teams and is a Moosehead night. This weekend is the Junior Cash Spiel. The Bathurst Cash Spiel may be at risk of being moved, this matter was tabled for discussion with Wayne
Rentals: Claire Wilt is looking for a possible second ‘Curl for Cancer date on March 11 2006. Emile will monitor this with regard to other rentals. The Bathurst Spiel is slated for December2 to 4, the UCT Christmas Party for December 16th, a City Christmas Party for December 17th and the Civic Centre for December 20th.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on December 7th.

Motion to Adjourn: The motion was moved and passed at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully presented: Jim Duncan, Secretary

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday Night Curling Results Novermber 17/05

Legion Warriors over Brunswick Ground Ctrl

Napa Pro over the Duners

Lounsbury Hot Chevys over Bulk Handlers

Juniors over Not Juniors

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Junior Cash Spiel November 18, 19 and 20.

These are the game times for the Junior Cash Spiel to be held at the Bathurst Curling Club this weekend, that is November 18, 19 and 20. Teams from New Brunswick and as far away as Prince Edward Island. Support our future Olympians by taking in the games.
See you at the Club, good curling to all participants.

Tuesday Night Curling Results

The Rolling Stones over the ghosts.
Jim Duncan over Brunswick Mining.
Nothern Light over The Incredibles.
Wells Chapman over Lounsbury Impalas.

Pass it on, the new passtime is Curling!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Night Curling Results for November 14/05

The first games results now in, keep up
with the score every week on this blog.
Joel Roy over Danny MacDonald
Tatiana Bishop over Val Saulnier
David Godin over Marc Imbeault
Raj Chettiar over Fred Elhatton
John Ferguson over Pat Mahar
Good game everyone!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Membership Up

Yes, our paid membership is now at 65 and it's only mid week, already up by 25 from last year at this time.
Please note that you only have up to November 15 to get your free locker rental with your paid membership afterwards you have to pay$$.
A reminder that your membership must be paid by December 1, 2005 to enter the ice surface.
Please advise the club if you wish to use the club for training on Friday from 3:30PM on.
Pat Mahar is looking for curlers for a mix league, please contact Pat or the club for details.
For non members you don't have to be a member to enter the lounge. Do come in for refreshments and watch the curling from the lounge.
See you at the Club

Saturday, November 05, 2005

No this site is not as unknown as Pluto but the following rules apply to make comments.

If you wish to comment on the blog (diary) you must first of all click on comment you are then prompted to give a name; this name could be a nick name or your actual name. The password should be a new one for this site alone but, your e-mail should be a reachable e-mail address because that’s the way blogs operates. Neither I nor anyone else would have access to your e-mail address; this is to keep our blog clean and safe for everyone.

Thank you,


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Notre adresse/Our address

Bathurst Curling Club

Club de Curling de Bathurst

C.P./P.O. Box 692

209 Rue St Andrew St

Bathurst NB E2A 3Z6



Ages-group/Groupes d’âge

Little Rocks/Petites roches 6-11

Junior/Jeunes 12-20

Adult/Adultes 21-59

Seniors/Ainé(e)s 60+

Minute of Executive Meeting October 5th, 2005.

Present: Jim Duncan, Emile Babineau, Bob Quinn, Guylaine Cote, Claude LeBlanc

Absent: Mike Kierstead, Wayne Aubie

  • The Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by president Jim Duncan
  • Minute of September 13th was taken as read and approved.
  • Matters Arising:
    • Meeting with Moosehead Rep.: Jim and Bob met with Jason Jessop, the Moosehead rep. The content is summarised in the letter of agreement attached.
    • Insurance Deficiency List: There still being two items outstanding on the deficiency list from our insurers, house chair E. Babineau will arrange to have these attended to.
    • Furniture: Jim reported that we have been successful in obtaining 40 ‘captains chairs’ from Danny’s Inn at a cost of $1,435 + Tax. These chairs were seen by Rita McGrath,Bob and Emile before purchase, and approved. The timing of obtaining the chairs was discussed as Danny’s’replacements may arrive only in November. The committee agreed to wait a reasonable time to allow Danny’s time to get the replacement chairs.
    • Club Cleanup: The floors are waxed, the ice shed is being cleared ready to make ice and work is progressing in the kitchen.
    • Debit Card for Club: The only card available would give single person access to club funds. Jim feels this would be irresponsible and the idea was discarded.
    • Past President Portraits: Sears - $9/ 8x10. Will book for 4 persons.
    • Internet: The committee could see no practical advantage to having the Internet and agreed to remove the television to gauge the members’ reaction.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • There is $12,500 in the account and $150 has been received from Kenny Trucking for a sign. Guylaine will investigate entering bar inventories in the accounting system.
    • $150 authorised for Alvin Lavigne’s ice making expenses
    • Alvin to receive pay previously going to Emile, beginning October 21.
  • Bar Report:
    • A wedding rental yielded an excellent bar and revenue approaching $2,000
    • Discussion on the cash register covered producing a ‘Y’ report, possibly removing the tape cover to print and having a spare tape available. Bob to follow up.
    • A liquor order is required for opening.
    • Bob is recruiting bartenders. So far has Claude, Jim, Bob and Terry Giberson. Two more required.
  • House and Ice:
    • The ice plant will be turned on October 11th.
    • The Chair and Table storage along #5 sheet is complete
    • The counter top for the sink is in and will be installed along with the new sink. The old sink and the cooler left upstairs have to be disposed of.
    • The surplus wood is to be sold off.
  • Membership:
    • Jim reported that our insurance covers liability in the Mall, and that an Insurance Certificate can be obtained. Claude has arranged a table, TV, VCR and Skins Game tape for use at the Mall. He requires assistance October 28th/29th.
    • 40 to 50 forms were distributed at the Civic Centre exposition.
    • Claude has the hours of operation and will get a schedule from Wayne early next week.
    • If we find a source of Tee shirts, we can make logo shirts as prizes etc.
    • It was moved and approved that we offer a free locker to any member paid up by November 15th: Locker number to be registered at the bar.
    • Jim is to contact Northern Light regarding their advertising and a reduction in an advertisement of 1/8 page.
  • Match Report:
    • Re. Locker inclusion, see above.
    • Hors D’Oeuvres/Snacks idea discarded
    • Halloween Funspiel still planned, more info on Wayne’s return.
  • Ways and Means
    • Approximately 65 letters were sent offering advertising in the club. Each was accompanied by a rental promotion.
    • There are 36,000 RBC Reward points available to the club through use of the credit card. A digital camera for club use will be investigated plus a prize or prizes for a draw.
  • New Business:
    • Three new executive members are desperately needed to ensure a quorum at meetings. All are asked to try to find people willing to help.
    • The Fall Meeting is postponed to November 14th
    • The Pepsi cooler is to be removed from upstairs.
  • Next Meeting:
    • November 14th 1815 hrs
  • Motion to Adjourn:
    • Moved, seconded and passed at 9 p.m.