Friday, November 18, 2005

Executive Meeting Minutes for November 16/05

Bathurst Curling Club

Executive Meeting

November 16th, 2005.

Present: Jim Duncan, Emile Babineau, Rita McGrath, Mike Kierstead, Bob Quinn, Claude LeBlanc, Peter Assaf,

Absent: Wayne Aubie, Guylaine Cote

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by president, Jim Duncan, at 7 p.m.

Minutes: The minute of the October 5th meeting having been circulated and posted, these were passed as received.

Correspondence: A very supportive letter from the Mayor was read and put in to the record along with a letter of acknowledgement from our federal M.P. There was no response from MLA Brian Kenny.

There is a request to quote from an insurer: The committee directed that it be followed up.

Financial: Guylaine being absent, Jim produced a balance sheet showing $10,896.53 in the current account. There is a power bill for October in the amount of $2,986 to be paid. The committee was reminded of the importance of conserving power through control of the lights and heating.

Bar Report: Bob Quinn reported that approx. $2,000 in liquor and $300 in Sundries was purchased in preparation for the season. The first spiel, this weekend, is unlikely to generate much in sales as it is a junior’s event. The Moosehead Bucket promotion is very slow as yet. There is no need to take an inventory yet.

House and Ice: Emile Babineau reported that there had been a brine leak which threatened the ice plant but it was traced to a faulty hose clip on a bleed line and corrected. The battery powered ice scraper has one of two battery chargers not working. Consultation with Buzzell Auto Parts brought a recommendation that we either replace the dual charger unit for $390 plus tax and shipping or purchase two ‘slow chargers’ for $60. Emile was asked to buy the slow chargers and continue contact with Buzzell.

The kitchen renovation is half done and will be tackled between rentals which require the use of the kitchen. The committee noted that the work was well done.

Emile has instigated a programme of repair and maintenance on the recently purchased chairs.

Bob Quinn was asked to make one table for the lounge. The committee will then decide on whether or not to continue to have the tables made.

The photocopier and spare cooler are to be removed soon, the advertising signs are being installed and Bob and Emile will programme the thermostats next week.

All deficiencies identified in the insurance inspection have been addressed. And the company informed.

Membership: There are 84 paid members including 20 Little Rocks and 10 Juniors. We need to ensure that competitive (Monday) players are paid up and get control of ‘Pay as You Play’ curlers, possibly by listing them. Discussion ensued on full members versus ‘PAYP’ players and the relative advantages of each method of payment: The subject was tabled for further discussion as a number of excellent suggestions were put forward.
We need to forward scores to the radio station. New members and the seniors should receive the ‘Blog’ cards to enable them to get more information.

Match: In Wayne Aubie’s absence, it could only be noted that Monday is running with Bathurst Pontiac Buick/JDR Sports sponsorship, Tuesday has seven, possibly eight teams but no sponsor while Thursday has six teams and is a Moosehead night. This weekend is the Junior Cash Spiel. The Bathurst Cash Spiel may be at risk of being moved, this matter was tabled for discussion with Wayne
Rentals: Claire Wilt is looking for a possible second ‘Curl for Cancer date on March 11 2006. Emile will monitor this with regard to other rentals. The Bathurst Spiel is slated for December2 to 4, the UCT Christmas Party for December 16th, a City Christmas Party for December 17th and the Civic Centre for December 20th.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on December 7th.

Motion to Adjourn: The motion was moved and passed at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully presented: Jim Duncan, Secretary

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