Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Keen Ice for February 13, 2007

As February approaches, keep in mind the significance, to the club, of St Valentine’s Day (February 14th). From the club history: “St. Valentine’s day 1940 was a watershed in the club – and not a happy one! “(Curling Club Destroyed by Fire at 6.30 a.m.)” “The President announced our unfortunate loss and stated that he had telegraphed to C. Allan Beatteay, Sec’y of the N.B. Branch of the R.C.C.C. as follows: ‘Curling Rink destroyed by fire last night. Have salvaged stand of Ganong Trophy and mug of Blair Trophy, will forward same to you by express for evidence. Any other information please advise’ A reply as follows was received: ‘Very sorry indeed learn loss Curling Rink and Trophies. Hope building well insured. Trophies covered. C.A. Beatteay, Secretary’ If the wording appears stilted, it must be remembered that these were ‘Telegrams’ sent by Morse code and paid for by the word. Extra words meant extra money and even a period was the word ‘stop.

The work was duly carried out and a new club was erected by November of 1940 for a total cost of $3,843.82; try that today! Makes you thankful we are smoke-free, doesn’t it?

UCT results for the past two weeks show that Raj Chettiar defeated Andy Savoie then Emery LeBlanc, Joel Roy beat Emery LeBlanc then was beaten by Andy Savoie, Alvin Lavigne beat Albert Mazerolle then Val Saulnier while John Ferguson beat Val Saulnier before falling to Albert Mazerolle.

On Monday February 5th Andy Savoie beat Terry Giberson, Joel Roy beat Paul Laframboise, Marc Imbeault beat Pat Maher, Fred Elhatton beat Bob Nicolle, John Ferguson beat Omer Fontaine, David Godin beat Dale Glendenning and Alvin Lavigne beat Emile Babineau. Tuesday February 6th saw Terry Wilbur get by Andy Savoie, C. Boucher outscored Amy Anderson, Comeau prevailed over Wells Chapman, Marc Brown downed LeBlanc and Dale Glendenning outscored Raj Chettiar. On Thursday February 8th ……

The club played host to the Blue Note Caribou Mine teams on Saturday February 10th. Organized and hosted by our own Membership Chairperson Brenda Gallagher.

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