Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tuesday and Thursday Fun Speil Feb 17 & 18

A big thank you to all participants from Omer and Lynn Fontaine your fun speil committee. Our fun Speil was a huge success with help from
many volunteers such as our great bartender Terry Bishop who did a great volunteer job at the bar, to Jim our MC, Rita, Ken, and Mike our kitchel help along with Lynn and Omer.
A thank you to all the teams: Broken Brooms, Brunswick Mines,
City of Bathurst, Lounsbury Hot Chevys, Napa Pro,, Rolling Stones, Stardusters, Up River, Wells Chapman and the Winners.

And thank you Alcide, Larry, Michelle, and others
for the great music.

The Winning Team was Brunswick Mines and a close second was
The Rolling Stones which are pictured above.

Thanks again to all volunteers and team participation.
Now for the next Speil.

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