Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bonspiel - The History of Curling In Canada

Emile would like to share this web address with all the club members, the site is .
This site was shared to Emile from Sara Hatton who is the Project Manager, Web Projects Sector, Web Content and Services, Library and Archives Canada. In her e-mail to Emile she goes on to say: "I would like to offer my gratitude to the entire Bonspiel! project team for making this site happen. In addition archivistg Myron Momryk was extremely helpful in providing access to our sporting collections and for initiating the organization of the Canadian Curling Association fonds. Danny Lamoureux of the Canadian Curling Association volunteering his time and assistance to the project, providing advice during our research stages. The hard work of everyone was very much appreciated".
Sarah goes on to say that she "would also like to specially thank our skip, Doug Robinson, for writing the site content and for retaining his sense of humour and sportsmanship throughout the process".
from Sarah Hutton and the Bathurst Curling Club wishes to Congratulate you Sarah on such a fine project.
Thank you,
Emile Babineau
Bathurst curling club
P.S. Keep visiting this site for more new of the club. If any of you would like to share photos of your summer trip or just your summer photos please e-mail them to and will be posted on this blog, thank you, until we meet again.

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