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Jim's Curling News as it appears in the Northern Light on Jan 9 2007

Firmly astride another of this season’s hobbyhorses, I found interesting articles in the December 2006 Curling News. In the “60 Years of the Curling News” section were letters regarding the curling ‘code of ethics’ and the threat of ‘spreading professionalism’.

Joe Marriott of Edmonton, in a letter from February 25th 1958, takes not only issue, but umbrage with one Eric Bishop of radio station CFAC and the Curling news regarding “The Case in Favour of Car Spiels” (Teams curling with a car as the prize) for having referred to “curlers without the ability to participate in these events along with veteran curlers associations officials, who have seen the game pass them, by providing all the vocal protests. Car Bonspiels are the beginning of the end, they babble foolishly, and the game is being corrupted beyond recognition …”

The umbrage is evident when Mr Marriott refers to “… my resentment of your unkind, disrespectful, cowardly, malicious, brazen, unsportsman-like attempt to lay the blame for the failure of Car Spiels on the veterans who through long years, before you were even a gleam in your Daddy’s eye, helped to maintain and endeavour to improve the game which is now, for you and a younger generation to enjoy, in comfort.” Now that is calling a spade a shovel! Even I do not wax that lyrical.

He also says: “A good curler, in my book, is a person that is a member in good standing in a club that plays for the Love of the game and the good fellowship that prevails in every healthy club and respects the code”.

The Canadian Curling News ‘Opinion’ from October 1968 refers to three Ontario curlers suspended for playing for snowmobiles but adds that they are “sacrificial lambs who prompted the OCA to move back in line with the rest of the Dominion.

While New Brunswick still persists with the code of ethics their stand was never one to be considered seriously …” “ … The code of ethics sprang in to being in an attempt to offset, restrain or eliminate the growing tendency of professionalism … there was a threat, many said, that as the idea spread there would soon be a wholesale takeover of the so-called pro’s on the Brier Scene.” Guess what? They were right! That is both with regard to the pro’s taking over and the need for a code of ethics to protect amateurism. This situation still cries out to be corrected!

On the final day of 2006, the UCT results show Emery LeBlanc downing Alvin Lavigne, John Ferguson beating Andy Savoie, Val Saulnier overcoming Raj Chettiar and Roe Doucet defeating Albert Mazerolle.

Monday was New Year’s Day and there was no curling and the Tuesday night draw was minimal with two games primarily involving spares, and a ‘scratch’ game on the other sheet. I think we will just put this past week’s results under ‘reorganisation’ and expect a full turnout for this week.

I know that Bud is reorganising the afternoon senior’s teams for the second half of the season. He is hoping to have five sheets in play; we shall see this afternoon I expect.

Tomorrow is the next in the series of Ladies’ Wednesday Nights with Eastside Steak Subs on the menu, sponsored by Moosehead. Sign up and keep this important initiative for our Ladies Club going.

Two of out Junior Boys, Brenden Sealy and Jesse Arseneault, were at the Provincials this past weekend; this was their second such trip and an achievement in that alone.

Here we go in to another year of ‘the roaring game’, my New Year wish to all club members is that they continue to enjoy this, the best of winter sports for all ages and, above all, have fun! See you on the ice.

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