Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall is here; Curling cannot be far away

November 11 is the tentative opening day at the curling club, so get ready to ROCK; get your curling shoes polished your curling clothing pressed. Don't forget to be fit for curling; tone up your body by doing your bends and stretching every day 'cause a new curling season is just a month away.
The Club's ice surface is glaring white yes, it has been painted to a bright "road line white" with paint that is scheduled to last for 10 years therefore this season's ice surface will require less work because the ice won't have to be painted. Alvin and company has done a wonderful job, I heard he even painted his shoes;-) soooo pass the word along to all you know that if you see a pair of shoes walking in the dark it's not an illusion but a great man, Alvin our own Ice Man.

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