Sunday, November 08, 2009

The ice is in Wobble days is on starting November 9-12

Hello and welcome to your new Curling season.
Wobble days are free days so join us and bring a friend or even a truckload of friends and we'll help you teach them the game. Your friends will need clean shoes (sneakers), loose fitting warm clothing, a pair of gloves and we supply everything else including the ice;-)
If you wish to join our afternoon curling teams, join us this Tuesday, November 10 at 1 P.M. and we'll set you up on a team. Afternoon curling is on Tuesday and Friday afternoon plus a bonus odd party thrown in once in a while just to make sure you not too fit. Yes,it's fun and yes, curling is a particiation activity, curling is an Olympic sport. Did we say it's a fun game?
See you on the ice.

P.S. Yes, we have a special beginners membership fee; enquire at the club.

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