Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jim's Keen Ice article as it appears in the Northern Light

I watched the Continental Cup, on November 26th, with mixed emotions as North America fell to the curlers of Europe. Team Gushue defeated Dave Murdoch of Scotland in the final skins game(hence the mixed feelings) but the European teams were just too strong for the current crop of North Americans. Had Ms Nordberg and Dave Murdoch not had a slip in form, it would have been over sooner! In recent discussions regarding opinions my last week Canada’s curling superiority has been patriotically promoted to me. I remember the same things being said about Europeans and hockey. Paul Trulson, Dordy Norby and other European veterans are coming to the end of their career. The ultimate question will be whether there are replacements forthcoming. The same is true for Canada, how much longer will we have the Furbeys, Martins, Kleibrinks and Jones’ to maintain our place in the world? The rest of the world smell the money available in North American sports and are demonstrating that they can win it. If you doubt this, check the range of nationalities now represented on the PGA prize list. Curling will be next and we need to be ready.
Our first Funspiel, intended to mark the final celebration of the anniversary of the City of Bathurst, was more than a little flat. Pat Maher contributed a delicious soup but there were few there to share it. Hopefully the next fun spiel on December 15th and 16th will draw more curlers. It will be our best chance to celebrate Christmas, being a mere eight days before it. Bring yourself and friends along to curl or just to participate. Watch the sign-up board for the chance to register
Claude LeBlanc is keeping the Bathurst Curling blog up to date at In addition to up to date news there are pictures and you can even view your curling schedule to help with your planning. These facilities and the associated links make this a great spot to visit
In UCT play on November 26th, Raj Chettiar defeated Roe Doucet, Emery LeBlanc defeated Albert Mazerolle, John Ferguson defeated Alvin Lavigne and Andy Savoie defeated Valmont Saulnier.
On Monday Elhatton Defeated Fontaine, Imbeault got by Glendenning, Giberson outscored Laframboise, Maher beat Babineau, Savoie downed Nicolle, Roy won over Lavigne and Godin out pointed Ferguson.
On Tuesday Wibur defeated Savoie, Boucher, comfortably got by Anderson, Chapman out pointed Comeau, decisively, Brown beat LeBlanc and Glendenning won over Chettiar.
Wednesday Ladies night is underway but could do with a little more support. Ladies (women even!) are encouraged to come out for six ends of curling and a lunch to follow. Leave the bloke to fend for himself! Last week it was Dannyburgers!
On Thursday …
There remain only three weeks to Christmas. We have two Christmas rentals lined up for the festive season, but if you want to have a Christmas or New Year function and are looking for an economical, fun place to hold it, contact Mike Kierstead, Emile Babineau or any member of the executive about renting the club.

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