Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jim's Keen Ice as it apprears in the Northern Light Dec 26 2006

Today is the Family Spiel and we hope that there are lots of families in attendance and that the fun is as great as it usually is. With Christmas behind us, and the end of the year in sight, it is fitting that we take a look at where the club is this year.

Monday Night Competitive is in full swing with fourteen teams and two draws: It has been a considerable number of years since we have been able to say that.

Tuesday night is drawing four sheets of fun curlers.

A small but hopefully growing group of Ladies are playing – and eating – on Wednesday Ladies Night. This is a small group but, as we have seen with the ‘Industrial League, small beginnings can grow to bigger things.

Another four sheets play on Thursdays and our week is rounded out with four sheets of seniors on Tuesdays and Fridays afternoons plus four rented sheets of UCT play on Sunday before the Little Rocks take to the ice. This makes a total of nine draws a week, every week and we still have a substantial number of Pay-As-You-Play members.

Compared to where we were just a couple of years ago, we are in considerably better shape than we have been. Hopefully we can build on this success and get the club back to former levels of participation.

I hope everyone realises that these things don’t just happen: There has been a lot of work from the executives, volunteers, and people like Emile Babineau, Bob Quinn, Pat Maher and Beth Sullivan in making it happen. Bar Chair Ken Leaman and Treasurer Guylaine Cote are other major contributors. Above all, it has taken support and participation from all levels of members to make this happen. To the club and it’s members, Happy Hogmanay! (That’s Scots for Happy New Year).

On Sunday December 17th, in UCT play, Raj Chettiar got by Emery LeBlanc, Val Saulnier outscored Alvin Lavigne, Roe Doucet beat Andy Savoie and John Ferguson defeated Albert Mazerolle.

On Monday, December 18th, Fred Elhatton outscored Alvin Lavigne, Dale Glendenning squeezed by Omer Fontaine (in 9 ends! – my team!), John Ferguson beat Paul Laframboise, Bob Nicolle defeated Emile Babineau, Pat Maher won over Terry Giberson, David Godin got by Marc Imbeault and Joel Roy defeated Andy Savoie on the final stone.

Tuesday December 19th saw close to 40 afternoon curlers have their Christmas bash, which was greatly enjoyed. Along the way they celebrated Julian’s birthday (83rd?) and had a gift of appreciation for Bud Hanley. There were celebrations at the evening curling also, while in evening play there were only two sheets on which Ken brown defeated the Comeau team and Amy Anderson defeated Dale Glendenning.

The Wednesday Evening Ladies will next be held around January 10th and we still hope that this event will gain in popularity in the New Year, so sign up soon, ladies.

Due to Christmas and Boxing Day falling right in the publishing window for the Northern Light, the deadline had to be moved ahead, so that Peter, Greg and the staff could get some time off, and the Thursday December 21st results will be added in to the next column, which will be either January 2nd or 9th depending on when I get back from visiting family. Drive carefully, don’t wear your wobbly boots too often over the holidays and I will see you on the ice later in the month.

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