Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday night curling final for March 19, 2009

History has been made this our 100 season.

Well tonight was the last regular season play for Thursday and the bragging rights belongs to team Scott Hachey, of course skipped by Scott Hachey, mate Zachary Robichaud, second stone John LeBlanc (yup of Max 104.9) and first stone Rene Theriault. Congratulations.

Next week is final week of curling with the Industrial Rubber City Mix Bonspiel.

To all our curlers have a great summer and we’ll see you in November.

Our thanks to Chris of Max 104.9, your sports news rocks.

Signed by the staff, volunteers and members of the Bathurst Curling Club celebrating 100 years of curling in Bathurst.

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