Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Curling Results for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Jan 15, 16, & 17

Hi everyone, the Christmas season is over,
the Christmas tree is just a memory and yes,
we're back full time curling.
Now for this week curling results:

Sunday UCT Curling Results

Val Saulnier over Alvin Lavigne

John Ferguson over Emery LeBlanc

Albert Mazerolle over John Gorman

Raj Chettiar over Roe Doucet

Monday Night Curling Results

Godin over Bishop

Elhatton over Ferguson

Maher and Saulnier tied

Chettiar over Lavinge

Imbeault over MacDonald

Tuesday Afternoon Senior Curling Results

Jim Aubry over Pat Maher

Bud Hanley over Gerry Roy

George Barclay over Emery LeBlanc

Guy Gallant over Biff Homiak

Jim Duncan over Ken Leaman

Tuesday Night Curling

Wells Chapman over GE

Brunswick Mines over Lounsbury Avalanche

Jim Duncan and Northern Light Rescheduled

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