Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tuesday Night Curling results for January 10/06

Thank you to the Olympic Committee for the picture.

Chapman and Brunswick Mines Tied
Ringers (Jim Duncan) over GE (Ken Brown)
Lounsbury Avalanche over Northern Light
Omers draw to the button on his last rock
assured a win for Lounsbury Avalanche.
Also noted at the club curling with gusto was 4 team from the young Katimavit group, happy to see you on the ice.
Don't forget to enter for the Fun Speil for the
Tuesday and Thursday night Commercil/Industrial league which will be held February 17 and 18 (evening only).
A Chicken Bouillon will be served from 4 to 5PMon Saturday. Friday the games begin at 7PM.
Price per person is $7.00.
Please pay Omer or Claude by next week.
Thanks all.

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