Sunday, January 08, 2006

UCT Curling Results for Jan 8, 2006

OK so it was a picture of last year's Xmas, this year was just as good but no pictures. Yes Bob was with us and, yes we miss you Bob.
Best of luck in Moncton from all of us.

Now the Curling results for UCT:-
Albert Mazerolle over Roe Doucet
Val Saulnier over Emery LeBlanc (get well soon Emery)
Alvin Lavigne over John Ferguson
John Gorman over Raj Chattiar.

Standings after 8 weeks:
John Gorman 8 wins
Alvin Laving 6 wins 2 losses
Albert Mazerolle 5 wins 3 losses
John Ferguson 4 wins 4 losses
Raj Chettiar 3 wins 5 losses
Val Saulnier 3 wins 5 losses
Roe Doucet 2 wins 6 losses
Emery LeBlanc 1 win 6 losses.

Good curling all.

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