Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Monday Evening Curling Results for March 13, 2006

This the final competition game of the season saw

Pat Maher win over Fred Elhatton.

Joel Roy over Alvin Lavigne.

John Ferguson over Val Saulnier.

Tatiana Bishop over Mark Imbeault.

David Godin over Raj Chettiar.

The Final Standings are as follows:

Joel Roy 11 Wins 4 Losses

Fred Elhatton 10 Wins 5 Losses

David Godin 10 Wins 5 Losses

Raj Chettiar 8 Wins 6 Losses

Pat Maher 8 Wins 6 Losses

Marc Imbeault 7 Wins 7 Losses

John Ferguson 7 Wins 8 Losses

Tatiana Bishop 6 Wins 9 Losses

Dan MacDonald 5 Wins 9 Losses

Alvin Lagine 4 Wins 10 Losses

Val Saulnier 4 Wins 10 Losses

Next week will be the final playoffs and the following will be in the playoff:

Game 1 Joel Roy against Fred Elhatton,

Game 2 Dave Godin against Dale Glendennig

Loser of Game 1 will play a semi final against Winner of Game 2,

Winner of Game 1 will play against the winner of the Semi Final.

All games are at 7PM

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