Tuesday, March 14, 2006

UCT Sunday Curling Results for March 12, 2006

The above picture is the action on Sunday and if you click on the picture you will see our player of the week Anne Marie.

This the final competition game of the season saw

Val Saulnier defeat John Gorman.

John Ferguson victorious over Raj Chettiar.

Roe Doucet delivered a win over Alvin Lavigne.

Emery LeBlanc won over Albert Mazerolle.

The Final Standings are as follows:

John Gorman 13 Wins 4 Losses

John Ferguson 12 Wins 5 Losses

Alvin Lavigne 10 Wins 7 Losses

Val Saulnier 09 Wins 8 Losses

Albert Mazerolle 09 Wins 8 Losses

Roe Doucet 06 Wins 11 Losses

Raj Chettiar 05 Wins 12 Losses

Emery LeBlanc 04 Wins 13 Losses

Next week will be the final playoffs

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