Thursday, March 23, 2006

NBIAA - ASINB Provincial Curling Championship-All the scores

On going results are posted after completion of each draw:

Boys - Girls - Mixed

First Round Girls
Bernice MacNaughton 9
Southern Victoria 5

Samuel de Champlain 10
Sussex Regional 5

Fredericton High 9
J0hn Caldwell 3

Mathieu-Martin 1
Oromocto High 10

S. Victoria 7
Sussex 3

John Coldwell 1
Mathieu-Martin 0

Second Round Girls
Bernice MacNaughton 7
Champlain 2

Fredericton 8
Oromocto 3

Friday 11:30PM Draw Results Girls
S. Victoria 7
Oromocto 9

Champlain 1
Caldwell 8

MacNaughton 0
Fredericton 10

Friday 7PM Draw Results Girls
MacNaughton 10
Oromocto 0

Caldwell 5
Fredricton 6

Saturday 10AM Draw Results Girls
MacNaughton 4
Fredericton 5
Fredericton Girls won the Procincial Curling Championship; Congratulations.

Standings after Friday's 3PM Draw
Moncton (Bernice MacNaughton) skip Kaitlin Stubbs 3W 2L
Dieppe (Mathieu-Martin) skip Martine Belliveau 0W 2L
Sussex (Sussex Regional) skip Mary Anne Simpson 0W 2L
Grand Falls (John Caldwell) skip Amy Gillespie 2W 2L
Fredericton (Fredericton) skip Marin McLeod 5W 0L
Saint John (Samuel de Champlain skip Jessica Daigle 1W 2L
Oromocto (Oromocto High) skip Melissa MacKnight 2W 2L
Perth Andover (Southern Victoria) skip Terri Smith 1W 2L

First Round Boys
MacNaughton 11
Sir James Dunn 3

Oromocto Hight 11
Miramichi Valley 2

Souther Victoria 11
Moncton High 1
Tantramar Regional 6
Rothesay High 8

Sir James Dunn 4
Miramichi 7

Moncton 1
Tantramar 10

Second Round
MacNaughton 4
Oromocto 6

S. Victoria 6
Rothesay 5

Friday Second Round Results 8AM Draw
Miramichi 3
Rothesay 5

Friday Draw 6 Results of the 11:30AM Draw

MacNaughton 9
Tantramar 8

Oromocto 7
S. Victoria 1

Champlain 1
Caldwell 8

MacNaughton 7
Champlain 2

FridayResults for 3PM Draw

Oromocto 8
Rothesay 1

MacNaughton 4
S. Victoria 7

Saturday Results for 10AM Draw
Oromocto 1
Southern Victoria 8

The final Draw at 1PM
Oromocto 3
Southern Victoria 5

Congratulations Souther Victoria skipped by Scott Davenport

Standings are as follows: at end of the 3PM Draw
Moncton (Bernice MacNaughton) skip Chris Jeffery 2 W 2L
Sackville ( Tantramar Regional) skip Nolan MacDonald 1 W 2L
Miramichi (Miramichi Valley) skip Robbie MacLeod 1 W 2 L
Moncton (Moncton High) skip Kenny MacQueen 0 W 2L
Perth Andover (Souther Victoria) 5W 1L
Oromocto (Oromocto High) skip Kendall McCann 4W 2L
Rothesay (Rothesay High) skip Chris Sleep 2W 2L
St. Andrews (Sir James Dunn) skip Michael Bartlett 0W 2L

Mixed Teams

First Round
L'Odyssee 6
Nackawic Senior 5

Kennebecasis Valley 3
Bathurst High 8

Oromocto High 2
MacNaughton 11

Mathieu Martin 10
Simonds High 4

Second round Results Friday 8AM Draw
Nackawic 2
Kennebecasis 10

Oromocto 10
Simonds 1

L'Odyssee 5
Bathurst 9

MacNaughton 5
Mathieu-Martin 6

Friday 3PM Draw Results
Kennebecasis 10
MacNaughton 4

L'Odyssee 7
Oromocto 6

Bathurst 6
Mathieu Martin 5

Friday 7PM Draw Results Mixed
Bathurst 3
Nennebecasis 9

L'Odyssee 4
Mathieu Martin 7

Saturday 10AM Draw Results Mixed
Kennebecasis 6
Mathieu Martin 4

The final game results for the 1:30PM draw
Bathurst 2
Kennebecasis 9
Congratulations Kennebecasis skipped by John Rennie.

Standings after 3PM Draw on Friday
Moncton (L'Odyssee) skip Eric DeLeca 2 W 2L
Dieppe (Mathieu Martin) skip Jeremy Mallais 3W 2L
Bathurst (Bathurst High) skip Jesse Arseneau 3W 2L
Moncton (Bernice MacNaughton) skip Sarah Berhelot 1W 2L
Oromocto (Katelyn Crawford) skip Katelyn Crawford 1W 2L
Quispamsis (Kennebecasis Valley) skip John Rennie 5W 1L
Saint John (Simonds High) skip Ben Joudry 0W 2L
Nackawic (Nackawic Senior) skip Cody Young 0W 2L

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